Academic BDS pledge

In response to the call from Palestinian civil society, including Palestinian academics and students, for an institutional academic boycott of Israel, and in recognition of Israeli universities’ key role in enabling ongoing Israeli oppression of Palestinians, we undertake not to engage in any professional association with Israeli academic, research or government institutions, or collaborate professionally in any way with those institutions’ leaders, until Israel complies with international law and elementary principles of human rights by:

  • ending its illegal occupation and annexation of internationally recognized Palestinian territory as defined by the UN;
  • granting full equality before the law to Palestinian citizens of Israel; and
  • recognizing the right of Palestinians to return to the land from which they have been and continue to be expelled.

We note that while this commits us to fully breaking ties with Israeli academic institutions, it does not preclude continuing collaboration with individual Israeli researchers who do not occupy leadership roles in them. We look forward to a time when Israel is prepared to negotiate seriously and in good faith with Palestinians, and civil society actions like the boycott are no longer necessary.

Marcelo Svirsky, Politics and International Studies, LHA

Michael Griffiths, English Literatures, LHA

Susan Engel, Politics and International Studies, LHA

Ian Buchanan, Cultural Studies, LHA

Juan Marcellos Tauri, Health and Society, SOC

Sharon Crozier-De Rosa, History, LHA

David Kampers, Indigenous Studies, LHA

Anthony Ashbolt, Politics and International Studies, LHA

Tim DiMuzio, Politics and International Studies, LHA

Sukhmani Khorana, Cultural Studies, LHA

Adam Lucas, Science and Technology Studies, LHA

Georgine Clarsen, History, LHA

Shady Cosgrove, Creative Writing, TAEM

Andrew Whelan, Sociology, LHA

Michael Adams, School of Geography and Sustainable Communities, SOC

Muttucumaru Sivakumar, Environmental Engineering, EIS

Leah Gibbs, School of Geography and Sustainable Communities, SOC

Margaret Hamilton, Theatre & Performance, TAEM

Hironori Onuki, Politics and International Studies, LHA

Jane Carey, History, LHA

Alfredo Herrero de Haro, Spanish Studies, LHA

Evan Poata-Smith, Indigenous Studies, LHA

Charles Hawksley, Politics and International Studies, LHA

Lisa Slater, Cultural Studies, LHA

Diana Kelly, History, LHA

Sharon Ee Ling Quah, Sociology, LHA

Alison Moore, English Language & Linguistics, LHA

Nicola Marks, Science and Technology Studies, LHA

Mark Rix, School of Management, Operations and Marketing, BUS

Nicolas Flament, School of Earth and Environmental Sciences, SMAH

Claire Lowrie, History, LHA

Mark McLelland, Gender & Sexuality Studies, LHA

Frances Steel, History, LHA

Sarah K. Howard, Education, SOC